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Needlepoint Holly 1 quart pot

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About this item

Needlepoint Holly – 

Ilex cornuta '

Needlepoint' – is an evergreen shrub with an incredible upright habit. Delicate twirling leaves end in a single spine, preventing deer and other animals from feeding on it. ... Heat and drought tolerant, this shrub is low maintenance while providing an aspect of elegance to your landscape. 

Here is a wonderful plant to easily define the edge of a property. Use in place of an ugly chain-link fence or beautify and fortify an existing fence.Beautiful Needlepoint Holly (Ilex cornuta 'Needlepoint') stays glossy green all year round. It grows to form a thick, impenetrable hedge and can be kept low or narrow with annual shearing. 

Like other Hollies, the Needlepoint Holly will give you a beautiful show of red berries in the fall and winter. 

But unlike other Hollies, you only need one plant to produce berries in the fall

 - no cross-pollination from a second variety required!

We are a licensed nursery in the state of TENNESSEE cert. #2235 planting instructions included with every order.